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Friday, February 28, 2003

Ok guys, if you could stop growing now...

Did they really used to look like this?

I knew I should have Bonsai Kitten'd them.

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This is rapidly turning into the weirdest of the web...

The concept that animals can help us in labor is certainly not a new one. Russian waterbirth proponent Igor Tcharkovsky has long believed that dolphins have mystical powers and can help us overcome our fears. He dreams of a day when women will give birth in the ocean surrounded by dolphins and other sea creatures.

Yes, well...

Invite a cat to your unassisted childbirth!

I would recommend this as a wonderful idea, but unfortunately I actually own two cats. Amusingly enough, they have worked out the relationship between my laser pointer and the red dot on the ground. If I touch, move or otherwise make a noise with the laser pointer, they come running (RUNNING!), skid to a halt in true cartoon fashion, then sit there, glance at me, then start hunting on the floor for the red dot - now, what's that about? I thought cats played with things on the basis that the things they play with are prey/mock prey. But what process in my cat's tiny brain leads it to KNOW that this red dot is made by the dangly silver cylinder - and they want to play with it?

I would love to know.
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Remember the cheeto! Buy your shirt today!

What is wrong with the internet, hmmmm...
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Thursday, February 27, 2003

massively multiplayer space combat strategy persistent universe sexiness

Yes, I've subscribed. ProjectorGames will not fall by the wayside, however!
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Blast from the past....

How to make a good FPS game

18. "Common" items, such as candy bars, sodas, and water fountains, should only heal up a maximum of 2 points per use. Disregard the fact that in your game, getting shot in the arm by a rifle can be completely healed with 10 candy bars or so.

26. Companies only produce two sizes of crates: "large" and "really large". Large crates are used to ship small items like syringes, and really large crates hold slightly less small items, such as a clip of 12 bullets.
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LONDON (Reuters) - A 105-year-old car which has been off the road since 1947 has been slapped with a penalty notice for allegedly evading London's recently introduced congestion charge scheme.

The Daimler, nicknamed Fiery Liz, was apparently spotted in south London on February 17, the day the scheme was introduced.

It was identified by its number plate, Y99, and a 40 pound fine was sent to staff at the museum in Bristol where the car has been housed for the past 25 years.

"We were surprised to get the paperwork because the Daimler has not moved under its own power for decades," museum curator Andrew King told Thursday's Daily Telegraph.

The scheme's organisers accepted the penalty notice might be one of a number of "individual errors" in the scheme, which aims to cut traffic in central London by 15 percent.

Drivers who fail to pay the five-pound charge for entering central London face fines ranging from 40 to 120 pounds, depending on how quickly they pay.

I think I can see how that happened... the camera saw, say, Y 995 ABC, but only recognised a part of it...


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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

People are strange.
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Serious Sam with 3d glasses...

well, it doesn't work. I mean, it DOES - yet it doesn't. It's odd. If you stand still it's like 'woo, it's 3d!' - the trees are convincingly close, the background is convincingly far away, and there even seems to be a fair of smattering of colour. Yes there's something wrong - I think it's that you can't 'focus' on something, ie bringing the two disparate images together by realigning your eyes - which, IIRC, is what gives you your sense of depth, your binocular vision.

I might put it on the Tv, sit closer, and go 'woo, it's 3d' again tonight.
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How tell when someone's wearing too much perfume.

#1.When you're walking to work and you can smell them from the otherside of the road. I'm not joking!

Maybe I'm just developing Daredevil's sense of super-smell. (no smart comments please, thank you)
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Monday, February 24, 2003

oh fuckit. Just wrote a 2 page review of daredevil, and blogger lost it. SORT IT OUT!!!
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Friday, February 21, 2003

Seems I haven't been keeping up with the times... details of the Playstation3 (PS3) have been released onto the net...

It's likely to have 4 cells in it, each cell consisting of 64 megs of ram, a CPU and eight vector processors. It'll run at 4ghz, producing a total just over a teraflop.

Un. Be. Lievable.
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Early morning misinformation. Ick.

Female 'circumcision':

Here are some of the benefits which have been discovered:

1) A reduction of infections resulting from microbes gathering under the hood of the clitoris.

2) Attacks of herpes and genital ulcers are less severe and less harmful with men and women who have been circumcised.

3) A further benefit that is apparent for women and more so for their husbands, is that women of hot climates often have a large clitoris which arouses their desires when it rubs against the adjacent clothing. It may even grow to such a size that sexual intercourse is not possible. Therefore, circumcision reduces her desires and their effects in the first case, and makes intercourse possible in the second case.


(from Fark)
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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Thank you, Kevan, for my birthday presents. I have been looking for a pair of anaglyphic glasses for longer than I can remember. I'll have to install Serious Sam 2 again tonight!

And he's the only person to send me anything! You're all bastards!
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Some of the most beautiful, cute, professional animation I've seen in flash:


Funny too.
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"The City Alert Texting System (Cats) will warn people where
[terrorist] attacks are taking place and pass on information
about what to do to people caught in an incident..."

Wonderful double-pun from
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NTL, remove that cap!
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Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Quote from Fark:

"02-18-03 06:30:21 PM XFools
A stile... a way of getting past a fence without using hinges.

I'm not sure what's more worrying... that I posted that pic first try or that Derby CC has copyrighted a picture of a farking stile..."
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Caption competition!

From Becky
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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

*clears throat*

I claim that I am quitting BlogNomic.

*blinks twice in vague puzzlement and train-laggedness*
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Sunday, February 16, 2003

The internet - nectar of the Gods - is there anything it cannot do?

oops. Forgot to mention that I'm down in Cornwall for my birthday! Doh...

But I am - and it just finished (my birthday, that is - not Cornwall) I'm a year older, perhaps a year wiser.

And I'm certainly a year tireder, so I'm off to bed about now. Byeee!
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Thursday, February 13, 2003


Now if only we can find a pair of headphones to fit...

(thanks to Max 'Bryan' Realism)
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On the reading pile...

Salmon of Doubt (Douglas Adams)
Are you Dave Gorman? (Dave Gorman)
Interview with a Vampire (Anne Rice)
This other Eden (Ben Elton)

The question is, of course, will that last me the theoretical minimum of 10 hours and 40 minutes to Cornwall and back again?
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Kevan pointed out that UpsideClown was updated, and I found this story that I must have missed first time around. Worth a read.
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I'll walk next time, thankyousomuch.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Well, off to 'sunny' Cornwall tomorrow evening for a weekend of spending money.

It's nice to go down, if even only for a little while... bless the kittens tho, they're all over me. I'm sure they know. Just brushing Ajax... bah, I'll miss them, annoying little bastards that they are. I'm sure the 'oh I missed you so much' thing will last until about 4seconds after I get back on Monday and feed them.

Anyways. Whilst I should be getting ready for Cornwall (read:finding clean clothes and putting PS2 and books in a bag) I'm going to update the SkyKids game and developer diary (no direct link, as you need to log in, but sign up at ProjectorGames.
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If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a mimic. I can be whatever I think you need me to be - it might look like I'm here to help you, but really you're here to help me.

Which NetHack Monster Are You?

There, that was an easy update.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

wwwI'm attempting to put together a Developers Diary up at ProjectorGames. Might be interesting, more likely it'll just turn out to be a list of 'things I did'

When I come across some slightly trickier problems, then it might turn into an interesting rant against computer languages in general.

Looks like Gary and I might be working on a team based Missile Command, too. Could be interesting, but I'll have to set up a remote CVS repository first.

Which I have no idea how to do.

Hey, how hard can it be...
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Monday, February 10, 2003

Having appeared to have happily given up biting my nails after some inordinate amount of time *randomly scratches anything in range* I'm faced with a dilemna - I have NO idea how to trim then. Clip them? Cut them? File them?

Answers on a postcard please...

(btw, gameplay footage now up on ProjectorGames)
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Friday, February 07, 2003


Yes, Sim City 4 MIGHT be great, but for heaven's sake, go and buy the blasted thing and stop looking for a pirate copy. So many people are coming here looking for it, it's ridiculous. Now sod off and pay money for it. A bunch of programmers put 2 years of their life into that game. Show them your appreciation!

(tho while you're here, why not check out ProjectorGames? ;)
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After the majesty of David Hasselhoff's album comes the least-awaited album ever...

The best of LucasArts' original soundtracks

The only tune you might actually want is there for download.
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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Amazon reviews of David Hasselhoff's album

Absolutely hilarious.
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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Public Information Films!

Marvel at the stupidity of the public in the 70's and 80's! Feel superior!
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Monday, February 03, 2003

Focus... FOCUS...

ProjectorGames is now updated (again)... got a couple of days off of work, so I'm hoping to get Escape The Planet finished. Nearly, nearly.
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