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Wednesday, April 30, 2003


Alllllll righty then. Who's coming?

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Saw Donnie Darko last night - what an excellent film!

Still, looks like a busy time for me coming up - Roweb this weekend, followed by a Dj faceoff followed by ANOTHER Dj Faceoff, followed by a gig in Brighton!

I've also got a couple more people interested in doing artwork got ProjectorGamesbut I STILL need more! (hint, hint)
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The LAN went well - should write a review of it soon... came 3rd in the Dj competition this week, with a 3 (THREE????) for my beatmatching.THREE?

Anyway, I got 9 and 9 for stage presence and originality, so I'm getting better there.

Aaanyways, busybusybusy. Check ProjectorGames for more news.
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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Argh, too busy!

Check the dev diary, and all the exciting news!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Much DJ practise!
Much Skykids!

(happy now, dear? :P)
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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Of beat juggling and horses...

Well, spent a while attempting to learn to beat juggle last night - it's not terrible difficult, no more than learning to pat your head and rub your stomach, just have to keep at it. I can do 4 beat juggling easily enough, but it doesn't sound very good. 2 beat, OTOH, is very hard, as you have to move so quickly. My main problem is that if the needles jump or are banged, I'm screwed. I'll keep at it. Also had a bash at scratching with the x-fader. I dunno, it's not really very hard - thing is, it's also not very inspiring. (not to me nor the listener)

Things I'm going to change for next time:

At least 1 loooong mix, perhaps 2, slicing up the tune as much as possible (another form of beat juggling, as far as I'm aware)
Some scratching, even if minimal. GOD I wish they had punches, I can use the punches at 4x the beat, and I'm sure that's just not possible on an x-fader (well, perhaps, but it's like playing Track and Field at that speed)
And beat juggling if I can fit it in, it seems I can go from juggling into phasing (flanging), which is dead good.

Also going to start pretty much where I left off, starting with Forever Together and Airhead mixed together. I just need to relax and trust in my scratching ability more.

And horses!

Picked up a random book this morning, called 'Trains' - written in 1969, it's all about trains, how they work, how they started all that... and I learned something, something I've never read before.

It appears that trains as we know them existed well before steam engines - horses would pull 1-4 carriages along rails - they even had systems with the horses walking on treadmills. Not to be skeptical - but wtf? How come I've never heard of this happening before, then? I was sort of under the impression that the clever man who invented the steam engine also came up with the entire concept of tracks and engines and wheels with flanges and carriages and the works... not just a way to replace a horse on a treadmill. Can anyone confirm that horses used to pull trains?


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Sunday, April 06, 2003

Ok, back! Well, I didn't win, not at all suprised there, but I had a good time, and had quite a few people compliment me on my set... as they read the final winners out, the d'n'b Dj who was on before me thought *I* was going to win.

I didn't get through all the tracks - about 10 minutes in, the guy running it tapped me on the shoulder, and went '2 more minutes'
Hmm, someone can't tell the time, but they were running late all night. So I skipped Twilight Zone to go onto my piece de la resistance, the 5 minute blend between Forever Together and Airhead - only the left hand deck was utterly screwed, and the needle wouldn't hold Airhead, thus putting a bit of a dampener on the end. I SHOULD have put my own needles on - doh! Looking back, too, the transition between Horns 2000 and Bassline Kickin' was a touch rough. Must do better next time!

Right, my scores! (I DO think the judge was marking hard, which is a good thing)

Musical Content - 5/10

I'm not sure about this. Are they rating variety? quality of tunes? (which is incredibly subjective) If it's variety, I'm annoyed, as I went through 5 genres (old skool jungle, old skool happycore, dnb, hardcore, nuskool gabber) - and if it's 'quality', then I'm annoyed too.

Stage Presence - 4/10

It seems that my custom made tshirt wasn't enough here. Suggestions, anyone?

Mixing Ability - 6/10

Apart from my afore-mentioned slightly nasty tonal mix, I'm not at ALL sure how I could have improved this - 12 tunes in as many minutes, tight, straight off bat?

Skills - Double Beat Matching (er, they mean beat juggling, I assume)/Scratching 2/10

Fair enough. I didn't do any. I'm thinking I MIGHT be able to jam a touch of scratching in between some of the mixes... not sure. My scratching is my weakest area, I know this already, and scratching without punches isnt something I do. Must try harder.

Originality - 6/10

Hmm. Again, not sure how I could improve this - I played out 5 types of music, beatmatched like no-one ever does. I could well have improved if I'd had access to more decks. Again, suggestions?

I feel *slightly* put out that the winner was a well known hiphop Dj, who everyone knew and was cheering on... it'd be like Sharkey or Sy turning up to a Dj competition!

My total was 23/10 (hmm, nicely drawn sheet) - I will aim for higher than this next time.

However, I've got 2 weeks to improve... I'll be back. In a cape! with chickens on my head!

UPDATE - suggestions on stage presence:

- Background/Stage dancers
Well, I dunno any... any volunteers out there?

- Make tshirts and throw them into the crowd
Touch expensive.

- One word: Lasers.
I have a laser pointer...

More ideas!

Tonight I will mostly be learning to beat juggle.

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Update - I RECKON I could cram 3 or 4 more records in there - the final mix is a good 6-7 minutes long :>
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I'm entering a Dj competition in Guildford tonight. God, I'm so nervous. I'm pretty sure that the lineup will consist of the following:

5 dj's playing hiphop
2 dj's playing house
1 dj who can't mix to save his life
2 dj's who'd like to be able to scratch but can't
1 dj turning up and beatmatching as many records as he can fit in his allotted 20 minutes (that's me btw)
1 dj who turns up and is just a magnitude better than everyone else. (I wish this was me)

I've planned my set out in advance:

Dj Toolz intro
Valley of the Shadows
Champion Sound
Dj Toolz Old Skool into D'N'B
50,000 watts of funk
Funky Shit (Mulder remix)
Horns 2000
Bassline Kickin'
John Gotti's Revenge
Twilight Zone (when I was young, it seemed that life was so beautiful...)
Blatant Beats 5
Forever Together and Airhead (both tracks played in their entirety, mixed together)

14 tracks in 20 mins. That's a tall order (Most mixset CDs you buy have 14 tracks in 74 minutes, by comparison)

Wish me luck! I'll prolly recreate and post the setup here in a day or two.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003


DDR has probably made you a very poor, albeit very healthy, person. You're probably very well known for your skills in your ddr community, even if your life outside of it is nonexistant!

Are you overly obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution?

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